Permanent Hair Removal Products

Permanent Hair Removal Products

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The use of the term ‘permanent’ in the industry is slightly misleading. Permanence in this case only means ‘last a long time.’ Some users experience very long lasting results i. My. Permanently; However, many users only benefit for a few months. The most common permanent hair removal products available are electrolysis, flashlight, and laser. Costs vary depending on who performs the treatment (e.g., professional or home team) and the number and duration of the required sessions. The main types are:


This method uses an electric charge to damage the hair follicles. A thin metal probe is inserted into the follicle, and a small electrical charge is emitted. The skin will not be picked if done correctly. Electrolysis treatments are time-consuming since the follicle of each hair is treated individually. When the hairs have been tested, they are removed with a clamp. Electrolysis is efficient, and reports indicate that 90% of users achieve permanent real results. The costs of the session are expensive in time and money if they are performed by a professional.

The three top types of hair electrolysis removal are galvanic, thermolysis and blending. The most common type is galvanic that works by producing a caustic substance, called Lye, in the follicle that destroys the dermal papilla (the base of the follicle). Thermolysis works similarly by heating the water in the follicle to destroy the dermal papilla. The Blend method is a combination of galvanic and thermolysis. Home kits are available, but extreme care must be taken not to infect the skin.

Flash lamp

A flash lamp light is emitted from a handheld device on the skin. The light points to dark hair causing it to warm. The hair then transfers this heat to the follicle causing thermal and mechanical damage. This method is very similar to the use of lasers but with two main differences: the flash lamps emit each wavelength of light in the visible spectrum, whereas a laser emits only one wavelength; And the flash lamp beam is wider so it can remove hairs from larger areas more quickly. The cost of this permanent treatment is lower than for electrolysis or laser. This method is also known as Intense Pulsed Light, or IPL for short.

Laser Hair Removal

With this approach, a handheld device emits laser light on the skin. The hair is heated causing the dermal papilla to enter a resting phase. Patients with dark hair and pale skin will benefit more from this method as more of the laser light is absorbed by the hairs, not the skin. Several lotions can be applied to the surface to improve the permanent results of laser treatments.

A typical course will begin with a series of 3 to 5 sessions spread over a few months, and then progressively less after that. Although many patients will need continuous treatment at annual intervals, some will experience actual permanent depilation. The cost of this method is expensive since it is required to be performed by expert professionals.

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